What - travestie show & experimental music + afterparty with DJ set

Where - Transnormal Boutique, Baseler Platz 8, Frankfurt am Main

When - 22.09.2018, 20.00

Entry - 5 EUR


PLAY TRANSNORMAL is the first event of concert series by PLAY Plattform EVERYWHERE IS HEAVEN. Is it possible to have good life anywhere? We say YES! PLAY TRANSNORMAL, celebrates the courage to be oneself. We say: take the journey towards yourself even if that is the hardest journey you have to make in your life and yet the most courageous! Come around, we embrace you as you are!

Series supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst & Musikfonds, Transnormal



The evening opened by music performances. As first the auidience may hear the song/statement by Steffen Ahrens, Volker Kehl and Jagoda Szmytka.  Afterwards Steffen Ahrens (e-guitar) will perform an experimental music improvisation based on the composition by Sivan Cohen-Elias. As following the audience may listen to the piece by Volker Kehl under title “Würde, Würde” that he composed especially for PLAY Plattform.

For the closure of first part Jagoda Szmytka will make an interview with Manuela Mock - a diva, a host of PLAY and owner of Transnormal Boutique.


In the second half of the event on the stage will appear divine performer and singer Kelly Heelton with the greatest hits of travesti scene. 


Dirk Baumanns - an angel on the PLAY-heaven, will present PLAYful and glamorous performance.


Dmitry Teselkin presents greatest hits and hymns of the divine repertoir.


Andoz Krishnadas - event photography

Dirk Baumanns - art performance

Dmitry Teselkin - DJ

Jagoda Szmytka - vocals, moderation & curating

Kelly Heelton - travestie performance

Manuela Mock - artists talk

Olivia - model

Sivan Elias-Cohen - composition

Steffen Ahrens - e-guitar

Volker Kehl - drums

Yamin - body painting

photo © ARKANDOZ | website © PLAY Plattform +