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What - concert + performance + exhibition

Where - Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main

When - 23.05.2015, 20.00

Entry - 3 EUR


“Superspace for Superheroes” is a first PLAY-event open to brighter audience. The genre of presented cultural game is a mixture of a concert, an art performance and an exhibition. Presented program oscillates between disciplines - the music dissolves in theatre, photography is inspired by performers playing with fire, theatre performance resembles modern “Singspiel”, and between aesthetics - classic is mixed with jazz and pop, “composed” alternates with “improvised”. What is in all that diversity in common? Unifying is being true and honest to ourselves in the creation - all involved in PLAY platform culture activists share common values of serving to the audience highest quality works, bringing culture to society in playful manner, being open for interaction with each other and with audience. Culture when is made with truthful service to humanity and with care on high quality will remain in interaction with society. Such a culture is not a luxury, but a necessity, and is made by superheroes.



Michael Gordon - “Industry”

Miłosz Drogowski - cello

Robin Ken Bös - sound direction

Jagoda Szmytka - “GAMEBOY”

Sebastian Berweck - sampler, voice

Robin Ken Bös - sound direction

Michael Sell - “Super Paradise”

Paul Hübner - trumpet

Fausto Romitelli - “Trash/TV/trance”

Steffen Ahrens - E-guitar

Bil Smith - “Jerked” (WP)

Paul Hübner - trumpet

Steffen Ahrens - e-guitar

Miłosz Drogowski - cello

Gerhild Steinbuch - “Superheroes” (WP)

Laura Linnenbaum - staging

Viviane Niebling - set design

Katharina Bach - acting


CLUBbleu & alien mind bender - “Superheroes and fuck the best” (WP)

Club Bleu feat. Bastian Zimmermann

Julia Mihály - analog synthesizers, game controllers & live-electronics

Felix Leuschner - e-drums & live electronics

Bastian Zimmermann - analog synthesizers & laptop

Robin Ken Bös - sound direction

Martin Standke - jazz improvisation


Anirudh Rajdev Krishnadas - “Play on fire” (WP)

“There is strong shadow where there is much light”.

“Play on fire” is a series of photographies by Anirudh Rajdev Krishnadas (ARKANDOZ) commissioned by PLAY platform. The series features fire as a playful but as well demonic element of human life - fire may turn life into real magic or might turn it into ashes. Fire used with understanding and in conscious way enlightens mind and soul, when used mindlessly and without protection may be destructive and may burn the eyes. Life should be the preservation of fire, not worshipping the ashes. The photoshoot took place on the 7th May 2015 at the secret location near Frankfurt.

Damjan Jovanovic - “Video Games”

[Video presentation]


Anirudh Rajdev Krishnadas - photography

Bastian Zimmermann - electronics

Bil Smith - composition (WP)

Damjan Jovanovich - computer game

David Gonter - set design

Felix Leuschner - electronics

Gerhild Steinbuch - text

Jagoda Szmytka - moderation

Julia Mihaly - electronics

Katharina Bach - acting

Laura Linnenbaum - staging

Martin Standke - drums

Milosz Drogowski - cello

Viviane Niebling - set design

Paul Hübner - trumpet

Robin Ken Bös - sound direction

Sebastian Berweck - sampler

Steffen Ahrens - e-guitar