Music x Cuisine

Date: 15.12.2018

Time: 21.30

Place: Cafe Karin, Großer Hirschgraben 28, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Entry: 5 EUR


Music: Franz Liszt - “Piano sonata in B-minor”, Niccolo Paganini - Introduction and variations on the theme from the opera “La Molinara”, Albert Mangelsdorff - "Dada March", "Ant steps on an Elephant's Toe", Paul Hindemith "Rondo" for 3 Guitars, Georg Philipp Telemann "Fantasie 2" and "Fantasie 10" for flute solo

DJ set: Kraas Clause - experimental DJ mix of music by Frankfurter experimental composers a.o. orchestral music by Hans Zender with electronics beats in Frankfurter techno scene style 

Cuisine: regional dishes prepared by the chef of Cafe Karin - Willy Buchholz.


Andoz Krishnadas - event photography

Christopher Brandt - guitar

El Mehdi Mellij - host

Florian Wöber - guitar

Jagoda Szmytka - moderation

Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff - flute

Krass Clause - experimental DJ set

Leonhard Dering - piano

Puschan Mousavi - violin

Steffen Ahrens - guitar

Tobias Rüger - sax

Willy Buchholz - cuisine

Play Team

Jagoda Szmytka - artistic direction

Andoz Krishnadas - dramaturgy

Steffen Ahrens - financial management

Caroline Sosna - production

Series PLAY in Heaven, season 2918/19, is supported by the Cultural Department of the Frankfurt City (Kulturamt Frankfurt), the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst) and the Musikfonds.


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