PLAY Privacy

House concert

Date: 15.11.2015

Time: 18.30

Place: private venue, Münchener Straße, Frankfurt am Main

Entry: invitation only


In contrast to the tradition of the 19th century, house concerts have become popular back today - in the age of the large concert halls and theaters. PLAY “Privacy” as a house concert event gives to the audience a chance to experience music in warm and intimate environment and to the artists a chance to perform in front of a listening and engaged audience.

The program features chamber music performances by PLAY platform members and guest artists. Between the performances audience is encouraged to take part in moderated art-talks - PLAY “Privacy” is a unique chance for interacting between the audience and the performers in the protected, friendly atmosphere of cozy and stylish private apartment at Münchener Straße.


Music: Frederic Chopin - “Nocturne” b-moll Op9 Nr1 for piano solo, Tobias Rüger - “Epilog II” for cello and tenor saxophone, Helmut Oehring - Foxfire for guitar solo, Tobias Rüger - “Solo for three celli” for cello solo, Karlheinz Stockhausen - “Taurus” for bassoon solo, Laura Copiello - “Espiora”, Johannes Quint - Grande Prelude for guitar solo


Christopher Herrmann - cello

Despina Apostolou - piano

Florian Wöber - guitar

Hidétaka Nakagawa - bassoon

Jagoda Szmytka - moderation, artistic direction

Laura Copiello - voice

Steffen Ahrens - guitar

Tobias Rüger - tenor saxophone

Play Team

Jagoda Szmytka - artistic direction

Andoz Krishnadas - dramaturgy

Steffen Ahrens - financial management


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