Yoga x Music x Picnic

Date: 26.07.2015

Time: 16.30

Place: green grass at the Main river, Frankfurt am Main - detailed location on request

Entry: free

Information: for all interested in yoga session - please bring with you yoga mat or a big towel


PLAY “Park” is an open air music picnic with yoga at the green shore of Main river. This afternoon PLAY offers a music program featuring pleasant, tranquil and funny sounds from classical and experimental chamber repertoire. PLAY will host two frankfurt-based music teams: Horlacher/Virzi and Mihaly/Leuschner as well the special guest from New Your who stoped especially for PLAY for several hours in Frankfurt - violinist Jeff Young. Passages of music performances overlap with yoga class, picnic and fun in selfie corner. PLAY platform invites the guests to have fun - to enjoy music, relaxation and to share good food. In between moderated talks about music, sport, food.

Bring with you:

1) yoga mat or big towel


3) food, drink

4) good mood


Yoga: session by Leonie Kubigsteltig

Music: Jan Sebastian Bach - “Partita”, Movement I , Luciano Berio - “Sequenza” , Paul Pinto - “piece for violin solo”, Jeff Young - “Imporvisation”, Paul Hübner - “Improvisation”, Adriana Hoelszky - “Piece for alphorn solo”, Horlacher/Virzi - “Ficus Oliqua” and compositions by Jukka Pekka Kervinen, Giovanni Mancuso, Larry Polansky, Celso Machado, Mihaly/Leuschner - “improvisation set”, Mihaly/Leuschner -"fresh melt unicorn brains"

Picnic: in between music passages PLAY guests are welcome to exchange new ideas and share meal and drink.

Selfie corner: take you green item and join PLAY SELFIE CORNER! Make this afternoon unforgettable and take several selfies with PLAY friends.

Bring with you: any green item


Felix Leuschner - drums, toy instruments

Flavio Virzi - guitar

Jagoda Szmytka - moderation

Jeff Young - violin

Julia Mihaly - monotron, toy guitar

Leonie Kubigsteltig - yoga

Paul Hübner - trumpet, alphorn

Sonja Horlacher - flute

Play Team

Jagoda Szmytka - artistic direction

Andoz Krishnadas - dramaturgy

Steffen Ahrens - financial management


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