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What - photoshoot with fire + birthday party

Where - secret location near Frankfurt am Main

When  - 07.05.2015, 00.00

Entry - invitation only


“Play People are not the ones who are burned with fire, but the ones who light the fire”.

PLAY “On fire” is a secret PLAY-event open to PLAY fellows only. This  event celebrates birthday of PLAY platform - a transformation of circle of Friends into group of cultural activists. The connection based on close and loyal human relations gave birth to idea of a platform supporting creative cultural collaborations based on common believe in Humanism and founded on rules of fair play and upon a clear gaming codex.

The “Happy Birthday” of PLAY is celebrated with fireworks - and is going to be memorized forever as the artistic part includes photoshoot by photographer Anirudh Rajdev Krishnadas (Arkandoz).

Arkandoz is not only a photographer, but as well an architect and one of the funding members of PLAY platform. With the event “On fire” Arkandoz develops his long-term research program featuring fire as one of fundamental elements in human life. The results in form of exhibition will be presented at one of following public PLAY events.


Photoshoot with fire and nightlong birthday party.


The ones who know