What - promenade concert with mushrooming, mushrooms exhibition & lecture

Where - Frankfurt City forest, meeting point at the S-bahn station Frankfurt Luisa, 60598 Frankfurt am Main

When - 10.11.2018, 12.00

Entry - 5 EUR


PLAY MAGIC MUSHROOMS is the third event in the PLAY Plattform series EVERYWHERE IS HEAVEN. This time we say - to be happy and to have a good life you should stay in touch with the nature!

On the 10th November PLAY Plattform invites for the grand mushroom hunting season finale with promenade concert & lecture. Spend this last sunny weekend of the year with PLAY in the nature. Stroll about in the wild while listening to the music by Bach, Cage & gather mushrooms. In the program, along the music performances, lecture about “Fluxus, John Cage & the mushrooms” by Dirk Wieschollek and exhibition of preserved mushrooms from the collection of Karl Gumbinger.

This exclusive event by PLAY Plattform will take place in the Frankfurter City forest. The meeting point is at the “Frankfurt Luisa” S-bahn station at 12 pm. We would kindly ask that all participants please be on time due to migrating character of the event.

Supported by the Kulturamt Frankfurt, the HMWK (Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst) and the Musikfonds.



John Cage - “Suite for toy piano”

Neus Estarellas - toy piano solo

John Cage - “Four #6”

Puschan Mousavi - violin

Paul Hübner - trumpet

Tobias Rüger - saxophone

Bastian Fiebig - saxophone

John Cage - “Branches”

Puschan Mousavi, Paul Hübner, Tobias Rüger, Bastian Fiebig - plants & music guidance

Johan Sebastian Bach - “Partita”

Puschan Mousavi - violin solo


Dirk Wieschollek, musicilogist and mushroom specialist, will give a lecture about John Cage music and mushrooms. The lecture will be given at the stops during promenade concert.


At the final stop of the PLAY promenade we install exhibition of preserved mushrooms from the collection of Karl Gumbinger, who will attend the event himself.


Andoz Krishnadas - event photography

Bastian Fiebig - saxophone, plants

Dirk Wieschollek - lecture

Jagoda Szmytka - curating & moderation

Karl Gumbinger - mushrooms exhibition

Neus Estarellas - toy piano

Paul Hübner - trumpet, plants

Puschan Mousavi - violin, plants

Tobias Rüger - saxophone, plants

graphic © Jagoda Szmytka | website © PLAY Plattform +