PLAY Hot air in bloom


Date: 24.04.2015

Time: 21.00

Place: city center, Frankfurt am Main

Entry: participation by chance


City walk and questionnaire.

Event “Hot air in Bloom” is a guerilla-style questionnaire led by PLAY platform fellows through the streets at the very center of Frankfurt city. This one of very first PLAY events aims to grasp the idea of play - it asks what does “play-element” mean to Frankfurt citizens. Is “play” for the city something like a hot air for the balloon? Is “play” for society something like a hot breeze letting flowers bloom? Or perhaps “play” is too revolutionary and it means to smash the stage set like in a music video clip “in bloom”?

On upcoming Friday evening PLAY platform fellows will ask those and many more questions about “play-element” and “playfulness” to passers-by - be ready and stop to play with us for several minutes!

“Play People are not the ones who are burned with fire, but the ones who light the fire”.


Bastian Zimmermann

Damjan Jovanovic

Gerhild Steinbuch

Jagoda Szmytka

Laura Linnenbaum

Paul Hübner

Robin Ken Bös

Steffen Ahrens

Play Team

Jagoda Szmytka - artistic direction

Andoz Krishnadas - dramaturgy

Steffen Ahrens - financial management


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