PLAY Explosure

Poetry x Music x Performance

Date: 22.06.2015

Time: 20.30

Place: Klapperfeld, Klapperfeldstrasse 5, Frankfurt am Main

Entry: 3 EUR


PLAY will bring your heads to explosion through a mixture of the most modern lyric, improvised music and performance art in the new event “Explosure”. For this PLAY-evening rooms and corridors of the Klapperfeld underground become a living archive filled with cluttering and roaring sounds, unheard noises, bursting images - like the darkest and brightest corners of the meanders of memory.

PLAY “Explosure” in the program along modern music repertoire features new piece by Austrian author Gerhild Steinbuch staged by regisseur Laura Linnenbaum. Set design prepared for the event is a result of collaboration between Frankfurt-based artists David Gonter and Viviane Niebling and Swiss author Jeremy Wenger.


Music: Georges Aperghis - “Recitation”, Peter Ablinger - “Black Series” (A, B), Michael Maierhof - “Splitting 43”, Giacinto Scelsi - “Il est grand temps”, Jagoda Szmytka - “INTRO” & “Song I” from “LOST”, Peter Ablinger - “Black Series” (C, D, E)

Poetry:  Gerhild Steinbuch - “new piece”

Graphic poetry: Jeremy Wenger


David Gonter - set design

Flavio Virzi - guitar

Frauke Aulbert - voice

Gerhild Steinbuch - text

Jagoda Szmytka - moderation, vocals, artistic direction

Jérémie Wenger - poetry

Johanna Maria Seitz - acting

Laura Linnenbaum - staging

Lukas Rüppl - acting

Paul Hübner - trumpet

Paul Skorupa - acting

Steffen Ahrens - e-guitar

Viviane Niebling - set design

Play Team

Jagoda Szmytka - artistic direction

Andoz Krishnadas - dramaturgy

Steffen Ahrens - financial management


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