What - presentations and performances in the field of martial arts, calligraphy and experimental music

Where - Ichigeki Academy Frankfurt, Mörfelder Landstraße 68, 60598 Frankfurt am Main

When - 26.01.2019, 20.00

Entry - 5 EUR


The ultimate truth - codex of a good life

The fifth part of concert series by PLAY Plattform "Everywhere is heaven" is focussed on the virtue of discipline as it is a necessary character trait when one is pursuing courage, justice, reverence and truth in their lives. Thinking further, one has to develop the self-discipline to achieve the goal of a good life.

Program of the event embraces martial art performances (kata, kumite, workshop), installation based on the art of calligraphy and contemporary experimental music concert. The selection of cultural disciplines is not accidental, as all of them require consequent self-improvement, hard training and discipline. To meet at "the place of that Way" (in Japanese  dōjō) we invite our audience to the Ichigeki Academy - a homeland of the ultimate truth.

The event is supported by Ichigeki Academy, Kulturamt Frankfurt, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst and Musikfonds.

* Kyokushin workshop participants should bring active-wear. Registration not necessary.

Supported by the Kulturamt Frankfurt, the HMWK (Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst) and the Musikfonds.



Interview with Sławomir Urbańczyk and Milena Kovaleva

Kyokushin performance (kata, kumite) by Sławomir Urbańczyk, Milena Kovaleva, Andrej Daiber, Ali Rashnoo, Artur Wisniewski

Kyokushin workshop by Andoz Krishnadas


Dirk Wieschollek, musicilogist and mushroom specialist, will give a lecture about John Cage music and mushrooms. The lecture will be given at the stops during promenade concert.


Alvin Lucier - "Music for solo performer"

Paul Hübner  - brain waves


Mark Lorenz Kysela - clarinet, sine waves

Hans-Joachim Hespos "Z/dor ➝«

Paul Hübner  - euphonium

Hans-Joachim Hespos "ikas"

Mark Lorenz Kysela - Altsaxophon

Aaron Cassidy "What then renders these forces visible is a strange smile (or, First Study for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion)"

Paul Hübner  - trumpet


Ali Rashnoo (1.DAN) - martial arts

Ali Kaan Aktürk - modeling

Andrej Daiber (2.DAN) - martial arts

Artur Wisniewski (1.Kyu) - martial arts

Andoz Krishnadas (2.DAN) - martial arts, event photography

Jagoda Szmytka - moderation and curating

Mark Lorenz Kysela - saxophone, clarinet

Milena Kovaleva (2.DAN) - martial arts, instrview

Paul Hübner - trumpet, performance

Sławomir Urbańczyk (5.DAN) - martial arts, interview

Tanja Leonhardt - calligraphy




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